Multimedia Projects Class

This website was produced in the course of just 15 class sessions, we conceptualized the idea, researched the local landscape, delegated assignments and got to work. It sounds like a lot (it was) but don’t worry. Our topic naturally leant itself to doing it all on a full stomach at least.

The final site is a reflection of all we learned and put in to our Spring 2010 Multimedia Projects class. You’ll find (hopefully) engaging visual storytelling, cool new media features like interactive panoramas and a mobile platform, and lots of good, er, delicious (can’t help myself) information that journalists and hungry web searchers alike will appreciate. If you like what you see, let us know through our interactive elements like our Facebook or Twitter outlets. If you’ve got a take on a diner or see one we missed, let us know that too.

You’ll see our names throughout the site, but the team in total was comprised of students from all different academic areas (Television, Radio and Film all the way to Information Management). The students included in the project were: Nathan Bense, Stefanie Campolo, Robin Clutters, Lauren Migaki, Mike Morse, Brad Winckelmann, Jay Adams, Mike Masucci Jr., Nate Mattise, Tiago Moura, Justin O’Neill, Rebecca Schmid, and Stephen Wolek.

Of that group, a few took on some additional special projects:
Mobile Designer: Tiago Moura
Database Designer: Brad Winckelmann
Web Producer: Stephen Wolek
Copy Editor: Nate Mattise

None of our class work would be possible without a professor, right? (For transparency’s sake, that sentence was submitted well after semester grades were due). The class was produced with the guidance of Seth Gitner, an Assistant Professor of Newspaper and Online Journalism & Multimedia, Photography, and Design at The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

In addition to Prof. Gitner, production help was provided by Jon Glass, executive producer of The NewsHouse, Ana Yanni, The NewsHouse editorial assistant, and Joe Blum, a Newhouse graduate student. We also owe two special thank-you’s to Jamie De Pould, multimedia instructional assistant, for helping during video production, Prof. Peter Moller for enlightening us with his vast knowledge of diners in the Syracuse, N.Y. area and adjunct professor Peggy Droz who played the diner waitress to introduce this website.

– Nate Mattise