The Market Diner may get overlooked because of the neighboring Carousel Mall and Alliance Bank Stadium, but it's been one of the area's more crowded and popular diners during its 30-plus years in Syracuse.

Market Diner

By Justin O'Neill

The Market Diner, a staple of the Central New York Regional Market for more than 30 years, has droves of regulars who swear by the restaurant and visit often. The friendly staff, the classic diner ambiance and the prices make the Market a must visit for any diner enthusiast.

When To Go: The diner is usually packed on weekend mornings, but if you’re expecting a traditional diner experience, this is your time. If you want something a little calmer, the diner is open from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Be sure to print the buy-one-get-one coupon at the diner’s website if you go during the week.

On Tap: Traditional diner food requires traditional diner drinks: coffee, hot chocolate, water and sodas. The root beer floats come recommended by the regulars.

Blue Plate Special: Tony’s Greens come recommended by more than one group of regulars. One even suggested that owner Tony Imbesi’s hands are what makes them so special, but he explains that it is a family recipe with years of practice to perfect it. Either way, give the greens a try. The Fried Haddock also brings regulars back every week.

The Scene: The market hums on the weekends. It will be crowded with people picking over the fresh fruit and flowers, but it’s a great way to spend a spring or summer day. If you’re heading to a Chiefs ball game, stop by The Market first and skip the hotdogs at Alliance Bank Stadium a short walk away. Or, consider clearing your schedule for a few hours to check out all the stalls and stores around the CNY Regional Market.

The Crew: The Market Diner is a family run business with a tight knit group of staff. The friendly workers encourage repeat visits and are quick to remember your face, whether or not the name comes immediately. The “Beware of Waitress” sign shows their good humor and willingness to have a good time.

The Crowd: The large dining room and the long hours allow the Market Diner to appear rather busy. Throughout the course of the day, they’ll see a lot of faces (and remember many of them), but at any given point, there is rarely a long wait to be seated. But pick your spots – on weekend mornings, traffic to the CNY Regional Market bring a lot of hungry visiters.

The Deets: Friendly staff, good food and inexpensive prices make the Market Diner worth the visit at any time of day, especially if you’re looking to enjoy some sunshine and see what else the market has to offer.


2100 Park Street
Syracuse, NY 13208
(315) 474-5247

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  2. Chris King says:

    Love it, Truck parking out back. Saturday & Sundays with the kid’s the market and the diner. Great turnover, quick and it’s the w’end so got to move quick and they do. You will know every one of the staff by name before you leave. Kitchen bell and a yell, every time. Good job guy’s.

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