Christina Macko, the owner of Julie's Diner, epitomizes the place's family atmosphere. You're likely to see her during a visit and, if not, just ask any of her employees.

Julie’s Diner

By Michael Massuci, Jr.

Being born and raised in Syracuse, I have been fortunate enough to stuff my face with sunny-side up eggs, pancakes, waffles and coffee from many Central New York diners.

Frittatas are my favorite. Mmm… .

Most have had great service, character and food — worth coming back to. Yet, Julie’s Diner has stood out to me over the years because of something else: the family-like environment.

Don’t get me wrong, the food and service is fabulous too. But the first time I met the waitresses, the cooks and the owner Kristen Macko, I felt like I was sitting at a Sunday night dinner with my entire family at somebody’s home. It was that fun.

Regulars get treated like extended family. Most customers are known by name. The waitresses even know what customers order day-to-day and week-after-week.

Why to go: Julie’s Diner is more than just a breakfast diner, it’s an “everything” diner: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (and I would recommend the chocolate cake.) Next time you go, order waffles topped with strawberries, the creamy baked potato soup or the turkey club sandwich. You won’t be disappointed.

The Scene: Be prepared for busy weekends and weekdays. This diner has a consistent flow of customers throughout the day. Except for the prime-time breakfast hours on the weeknds (7 a.m. until about 10 a.m.), the diner still provides fast service and does a great job getting customers a table and their food.

The crowd: Parents, grandparents, entire families, etc. are the standard type of diner customers. You may get lucky and see Syracuse University’s assistant basketball coach Mike Hopkins, who has been a regular to Julie’s Diner for a long time now.

Prices: Julie’s Diner is very, very affordable. There are some breakfast specials that are even $2.99 — a price you won’t find at most Syracuse diners. The lunch special, which is usually about $5.99, tends to be such a large plate of food — customers can’t leave the diner hungry.


3800 Brewerton Road
North Syracuse, NY
(315) 452-0091

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5 Responses to “Julie’s Diner”

  1. Sarah says:

    Had older waitress, wont mention her name but she had ling curly blond hair, and she was beyond rude. My daughter touched the hanging lamp while I tried to order and she just about flipped out on my mother and I telling us the lamps were so dangerous and highly breakable. Then she kept going on about it and was rude even before that taking our order. Snapped at my mom about her order and was very short and rude. I decided to cancel our order and as my Mother left she told her that I wasn’t controlling my child. Never been so insulted by someone who was there to wait on me in my life. I returned and told her she needed to learn not to be so rude and shebsaically accusd me of being a bad mother because my daughter touched her lamp????? If they are so dangerous, why are they there in the first place? Maybe someone in Health Department should be called?

  2. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say great blog!

  3. […] Julie’s Diner on Route 11 in North Syracuse is my favorite breakfast place. I know I wrote about Stella’s Diner back in February, and I do like Stella’s, but for my money Julie’s is the place to go. […]

  4. Barbara C says:

    My name is Barbara. I have lived in the area for many years now. I cannot count how many times I had passed by Julie’s Diner. I was in the area of the diner taking care of some business.

    I am a small business owner. It was my day off and so I decided to stop in for Julie’s $2.99 breakfast special. I had just walked through the doors when an older female sitting at the counter asked me, “How many?” I replied just me.

    She got up and took me to my booth. In a nice quiet area of the diner. She asked if I would like anything to drink? I responded with yes please, coffee. She placed the menu and the silverware in front of me on the table.

    A few minutes later a very slender waitress came to my booth. She had a couple of tattoos and curly brown hair with a very pleasant smile on her face. She had asked me if I was ready to order? Yes, I am was my reply. I opted to go with their overstuffed veggie omelet. (First of all let me explain I am not a big eat out person nor do I normally eat breakfast). I prefer to cook my own meals.

    The menu states their overstuffed omelets come with toast and home-fries. I asked the waitress her name. My name is Juliette she responded. Juliette took my order and said she would be back soon. About 10 minutes later(guessing)she brought my order.Juliette asked me if there was anything else. I looked at my food and coffee and said, Yes, a bigger stomach. She laughed.

    The food was nicely placed on the plate in an appealing order. The omelet was folded neatly in the upper part of the plate. The two slices of Italian toast were stacked neatly to the left hand side of the omelet and the heaping order of home-fries covered the rest of the plate. I took my silverware and began to carve into the omelet. The old saying goes: The first impression is the lasting one. I took my first forkful of the veggie omelet. It was so delicious it just melting literally in my mouth. The Italian toast I ordered was moist and buttery. The home-fries were to die for. (I do not eat fried foods as a rule).

    It took me approximately 45 minutes to eat the meal. There was so much food on the plate. I had to force myself to eat it all. I may be a medium sized person with a large looking stomach, but I had to force myself to eat it all. While I was eating I had asked Juliette for my check. There was no way on this planet I was going to be able to eat dessert.

    My check totaled $9.83. I gave Juliette a $5.00 tip. I had also asked Juliette if they had a website for comments? She said, yes but there was no place for comments. I found this website myself.

    My comments about Julie’s Diner: Being a small business owner customer service is number 1 in my book. Job performance comes in second. I would like to say for myself not being a frequent restaurant visitor(first time in a very long time eating breakfast out).

    If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere go to Julie’s Diner, they serve any meal course during their hours of operation. The serve is awesome. The cook is the best. You will definitely get your moneys worth.

    Rating this restaurant for the following items:
    Customer service: 100%
    Food portions for your buck: 100% and then some! lol(too much for me)
    Quality of the food: 100% and delicious!
    Atmosphere: 100% Clean, organized, and quiet.

    If I ever eat breakfast out again or just want a burger. I will be returning in the future.

    Date visited Julie’s diner: May 22, 2013(Wednesday)around 11:00 a.m..

  5. Karen says:

    I have not been here- but the video does NOTE encourage my going either! When the owner high lights her lack of formal business training, the owner’s daughter starts her interview with “my mom’s not lazy”, and your employees advertise that they “get away with a lot” and they show footage of them checking their phones, etc….I would argue there has GOT to be a customer service issue there…and reading some of the reviews from dissatisfied consumers only confirms it. The owner doesn’t “have it in ” her to fire someone….Customer service and quality food first….
    Does not look like someplace I would be interested in trialing. Might want to better edit or prep for these interviews to ENCOURAGE people to come there…..
    But hey….I COULD BE WRONG?!?

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