Culinary links of the World Cup and the Syracuse “Man v. Food” saga

    By Nathan Mattise

    • If the USA v. Slovenia game is one you intend on cooking for, Epicurious offers some ideas on World Cup themed cuisine (via @mmccormickcny).
    • ESPN’s Page 2 was so inspired by the idea of a 32-team international tournament that one writer has started off the World Cup of Beer with all World Cup nations represented (via A few US-supporters/readers liked the idea so much they dedicated themselves to drinking only American beer during the World Cup (via @SaranacBrewery).
    • Those interested in watching the events in Syracuse might be interested in checking out Kitty Hoynes, recently profiled on for their crowd during the USA v. England match (via @syracusedotcom). No word on if the Irish pub is following suit of all the Pizza Huts in Ireland and allowing free food in exchange for goals against France.
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