Mike Nuzzo, a former Syracuse China plate glazer, shares his connection to the All Night Eggplant and local community.

All Night Eggplant

By Nate Mattise

The walls of the All-Night Eggplant are filled with Mel Brooks posters and other PSA-spoof ones that would even make the famous comedian laugh. The menu similarly has funny diner lingo that’ll get a chuckle from a first-time customer (sammiches, anyone?). That and more combine to give the diner a quirky, fun and welcoming vibe that keeps customers coming back for more.

The Eggplant is one of the best known and longest-running diners in Syracuse. Ask around and you’ll find locals who can remember it at different locations and with true all-night hours (today it opens daily at 7 a.m., closing at midnight Mon.-Thur., 1 a.m. on Fri.-Sat., and at 4 p.m. on Sun.). The establishment even once had a famous run-in with Burger King over naming rights to The Whopper (you’ll notice the Vhopper is still on the menu).

Why to go: The Eggplant is where to go for super-extensive menu options. It’s one of the only diners in the area that serves some traditional Jewish breakfast items (lox and a bagel, date nut pancakes for instance) and the Eggplant lets customers customize their pancakes or omelettes with any item offered on the menu (breakfast meats, veggies, fresh fruits and sweets – any combo you can imagine).

The Scene: Be prepared for busy weekends with a sign-in waiting list. This diner has a consistent flow of customers throughout the day. However, there is counter seating typically available for those who need to eat and run. Others will find that the wait is short because the service keeps customers happy and moving.

The crowd: The All-Night Eggplant is one of the best known local diners. Some local SU athletes have even been spotted here among parents, grandparents, entire families and the standard type of diner customers who occupy the Eggplant.

Prices: Well, you can see for yourself. Again, the Eggplant’s menu is extensive and allows a high level of customization (where else can you have peanut butter and banana in an omelette?). So their prices may be slightly higher than a traditional diner, but they offer customers more than most as well.


5781 Bridge Street
East Syracuse, NY 13057-2959
(315) 446-8178

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